Additive Manufacturing – New Buzz in Town

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Additive Manufacturing is the new talk of the town. Lots of new technologies coming up with 3D Printing FDM, SLS, AFPM (Patented by Divide by Zero Technologies, Mumbai). The major challenge which we encountered is Quality vs Affordability. We have approached lots of Technology Enthusiastic & Evangelist of the town. Either Small scale entrepreneur (manufacturer ofcourse), or BIG Time Manufacturing corporates.  We have also encountered the companies who has invested heavily on 3D Printers, but either they are not able to utilize the full potential of these RPMs (Rapid Prototyping Machines)

What we also observed is the “Modeling Issues” (Converting from existing Model to .STL or the format which is supported by majority of 3D Printers available today. Whenever there is a Scale-down or resizing of Model, issues starts. And lower scale Printers are not able to produce quality results.  We encountered that when we convert Models into .STL formats, there are issues on mesh generation & surface quality due to large meshing.

I also came across on the point where I realized that I should start designing in such a way since the starting itself, so that it is better compatible when I want to make model from my 3D Printer.

How to Design for better Additive Manufacturing:

  • Despite the lot of buzz, if you really want to make a quality model out of 3d printer, you first must know about How 3D Printing works. You can do google to learn them.
  • Do not print with badly calibrated printer. It will distort the deposition mechanism and ultimately spoiling the entire exercise. Even if you buy a printer which is high grade & costly, it needs to be re-calibrated sometimes. Make sure you have adjusted your Bed Level & Nozzle properly.
  • You must keep in mind about the minimum need of quality Printing while making your model itself. e.g. Make suitable wall thickness, generate fine meshing for better surface finish.
  • Model Positioning before starting the print: You must position your model in such a way that it requires minimum support material.
  • For internal support, use soluble support material which is easy to dissolve, and the actual part can be provided
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