Get an advice from us for your cloud readiness and assessment done for your workloads. Partner with us for right sizing and planning for your cloud journey. 

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Operisoft – An AWS APN partner – can accelerate your digital transformation journey by modernizing your platform, application, data and security. We also understand the industry specific needs. Collaborate with us, to know how we can help you optimize your operations, drive innovation, unlock new opportunities and offer richer and differentiated customer experiences on AWS Cloud.

We highlight three stops within the cloud journey: Experiment, Migrate and Transform. Our cloud engineers will help in all three phases of AWS cloud strategy for your smooth transition. 


Define organizational goals and derive a strategy to achieve it together.


Pencil down a clear road map and timelines alongwith the technologies and execution plan.


Need to do the financial planning, investments needed, expenditures, and overall budget.


What will be the migration strategies, tools needed to carryout migration, dependency and downtime preparation.


Define a sample set and migrate that or deploy in cloud to check the sample working to make further decisions.


If all goes well, plan the GO Live strategy, inform the relevant stakeholders and announcement of going to production.


Check the usage and monitor the resources, their optimized usage. Possibility of right sizing and optimizing the cost thereby.


Backup of the needed applications including databases and create a readiness for disaster recovery. Very important for mission critical workloads.


Basis upon the experience, we can define the future strategies and additional workloads, forecasting and right plan can be placed in advance.

Collaborate with our Cloud Experts to do an assessment for you

New technologies hitting the market, more complexities architecture creating an environment where for a cloud migration, a Cloud Assessment Framework becomes a mandatory exercise for any successful cloud strategy today. It reduces the involved risks, and also accelerates the user adoption with lowering the total cost of investments in the entire cloud management lifecycle.

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Business Rationale should be there to at the very start of any cloud readiness assessment. This should be both the internal business operations folks like finance, accounting, and HR, and external business operations like sales, marketing, and investor relations. One key point here is to show the actual benefit of leveraging cloud technology over the current solutions. Operisoft team, can discuss the pain points and challenges being faced. We can discuss how Cloud solutions can minimize these challenges and define the strategies further.


Technical team members and other team members of the client side can be discussed for your cloud readiness assessment. Operisoft team will be working as an extended arm of your technical staff. We discuss, and include the review of current staff at the client's side and our cloud experts in the high-level assessment.


Majority of the clients, business groups, will have some level of governance, compliance, and security requirements. The deployment of cloud technology may impact some of the processes in your organization. Our team of experts does the assessment to devise a high level of understanding of how many processes may get impacted. Once that’s established, we can establish timelines, approval process, the critical changes required and define a clear process to be followed in the activity.


Many people would think this part might be the easiest part of a readiness assessment. However, this can actually be the most difficult one. When assessing your readiness, your current technology stack, including applications, infrastructure, and data, must be well understood. In our daily rush to get solutions in place, documentation is often not part of the project. This is what creates the challenge for this part of the assessment. Basis upon the above points we recommend an approach, we prefer to leverage an automated migration planning tool with infrastructure discovery and reporting capabilities.

We are leading AWS cloud consultants and certified deployment experts.

We help our customers to get into cloud technologies be it public cloud like AWS or any other cloud of choice of yours. Our clients ranges in multiple verticals like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, education vertical, Government and Nonprofit organizations, Media and Entertainment industry etc.

AWS adoption

Cloud adoption in India has been lukewarm initially, however we have seen a phenomenal growth in last couple of years. It is predicted that we’ll see the public cloud market, including cloud applications (SaaS), development and data platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS) services combined will grow to $299.4 billion.

Today, Cloud Computing has been adopted by range of organizations be it large enterprises or SMBs. Amazon has revolutionized the way companies think about cloud and AWS has the largest market share in public cloud as of now. It brought a change by removing the roadblocks to entry for enterprises who want to take their applications online, in an easy and cost-effective way.

The cost advantages offered by AWS, enterprises of all sizes are utilizing its benefits for their infrastructure needs. In fact after creating these giant waves around cloud computing, AWS gave such a flexibility of usages and pricing choice, thereby some of the large organizations have also chose to shut down their data centers and migrated to cloud.

We have AWS Certified engineers

who can help your organizations work on cloud. We provide managed services for cloud and are experts in AWS Cloud especially in automation, deployment, provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and monitoring your application ensuring it get pushed into the cloud seamlessly without any issues.