Believe in what you see. Set up a small application of yours to see your use case working with our help. 


Our approach to the clients who are new to AWS cloud or who are new to public cloud completely, is to try and test your application. We support the clients’ test environment and migrate the application of client’s choice to AWS environment to see it’s performance, monitor the usage, which will in turn help in the resource sizing, optimization and strategize the cloud journey for the clients. 

AWS Proof of Concept

Accelerate your cloud journey with an AWS Proof of Concept

Team Operisoft will introduce AWS PoC to your organization. thereby to see the benefits of an AWS cloud migration without any risk and with minimal spend. This exercise will test your ideas, assumptions and costs in isolation on a smaller scale to verify the functionality of deploying your applications in AWS cloud. It gives an opportunity to you to fully evaluate a cloud migration with a sample before you commit.

Below are the steps which are part of the POC execution program. 

Initial discussion

Strategic Planning

Cost Estimation


Monitoring and Optimization