Delivery Policy
  • We Operisoft Technologies Private Limited, are software provider and consultants. We provide the delivery of our services basis upon the scope of work defined. Once we handover the project, we submit the sign-off document and get the consent from the customer. In case of sign-off is not received within 7 days or as per the mentioned deadline, it is considered that sign-off is accepted by the customer and it is concluded the project is successfully delivered. 
  • Operisoft’ s timely and adequate performance of the services and provision of the deliverables shall depend upon full access to appropriate customer personal and to customer information and documentation.
  • Operisoft is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information that is obtained from customer.
  • Customer will ensure capacity and performance issues caused in the infrastructure are resolved by procuring appropriate hardware and software.
  • Customer would provide needed documentation and information that would be crucial for execution of the task provided as applicable from time to time.
  • All the organizational or technical requirement changes which may affect any services will be communicated in writing to Operisoft at least 1 week prior to changes.
  • We assume for business-critical applications, necessary HA architecture in place to meet the requirements.
  • Deployment timelines (Start date, etc.) are sequencing are based on current information available and may change based on any inputs from customer.
  • Unauthorized changes: In the event of unauthorized changes in AWS or On-premises infrastructure, Operisoft reserves rights to refuse support.