Faced with unprecedented audience demand for new content and growing adoption of remote production, studios use AWS content production capabilities to quickly set up remote artist workstations, editorial workflows, collaboration platforms, and rendering.

Content Production

AWS provides the most comprehensive set of cloud capabilities for producing content, enabling you to spend less time managing hardware and render farms, and more time creating and collaborating using virtual workstations that run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4dn instances with NVIDIA RTX technology.

Data Science & Analytics for Media

Customers including the National Football League, Bundesliga, and FORMULA 1 build dynamic audience experiences and create new ways to measure and visualize world-class competitions, using the broadest set of capabilities for data lakes, analytics, databases, and machine learning with AWS.

Media and entertainment companies can ingest and analyze billions of audience events per day with the best price performance of any cloud with Amazon EMR and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and choose from unmatched machine learning capabilities to segment audiences, forecast inventory, perform contextual analysis, and create personalized experiences and recommendations.

Media Supply Chain & Archive

AWS Cloud services enables you to deploy a Centralize content storage, processing, creation, and distribution operations from the ground to the cloud with Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning, industry-specific capabilities for media supply chain and archiving. It supports supply chain from ingest, processing, creation, and distribution to and from the cloud. Operisoft team can deploy dedicated tools for Media Supply Chain & Archive applications.