Virtual Lab for GIS and Web Application hosting

Terra - Virtual Gateway to Gespatial world.

Adepto Geoinformatics Pvt Ltd.

Adepto Geoinformatics Pvt. Ltd is a company that specializes in custom development, surveying, and data Protection and GIS mapping and application development. Established in 2007, we have since expanded our services reach across the India and abroad. The philosophy of the company is to provide quality individual business solutions through bespoke software and database development along with data backup and protection in order to forge long term strategic partnerships with our clients.

It was established by a group of dedicated experienced, professionals committed to provide high quality, reliability and affordability services in the fields of Geospatial Information Technology, CAD, GIS, Digital Image Processing, Photogrammetry, Surveying, Data storage and Network maintenance, IT product Services and Support

Terra is a name of the gateway for the pool of latest opensource geospatial software products  having customized training material, training data sets along with questionnaire model papers, journals, case studies and publications available across the globe and keep on updating on timely basis  based on the requirements of the need, and all this is possible through a gateway which can be accessible  through internet protocol provided by the company upon enrollment . Although all your spatial Labs needs fulfilling using cloud infrastructure at an affordable price with a flexibility, high security, and productivity. In other words, a virtual spatial lab with bundle of multi facilities. Further to this will also assist students for their project assistance and guidance with an email or telephonic support.



There are so many known technologies in the geospatial domain, to start with few opensources like QGIS, Geoservers which are very powerful tools available for deploying anytypes of webservers you may want. However, the challenge was how to deploy these large packages along with the right datasets – like Imageries, Vector datasets/layers, Cartosat images etc. which are available in open domain but not in proper structure.  Additionally, the challenge was also regarding the access, how to provide the access to large community of students, Geospatial enthusiasts, academicians, college faculties and Geospatial professionals as well. Adepto wanted to make this easy to use and affordable, and try as you go. Alongwith this, they also wanted an LMS deployment for ready made study material, exercises with sample datasets. 

Solution to meet challenges

  • We proposed to use EC2 servers and deploy online courses using Moodle deployment. 
  • We proposed to deploy the GIS softwares needed for the students on EC2 servers and can create a custom software to create users to sign in to Windows EC2 with AD user identity. 
  • Group policy and user policy for access rights are defined. 
  • static images are stored in S3 for the usage. 
  • Security setup of security group etc. is properly set. 
  • Whenever there is a signup requirement or new customer win by our client. the custom built application creates no of users who should be using the lab between fixed time [Lab hours] and then session gets expired automatically. 
  • At fixed interval the EC2 server automatically shuts off for which we used Lambda functions.
  • We also developed a Job portal for the easy consumption of this trained students in the industry. 


  • Client has really liked the way AWS gives him the agility, flexibility for scaling as when his customer base increases. 
  • The solution is flexible to meet the peek demand of the training institutes/edu colleges in assessment, online testing and in online courses. 
  • The current solution will be made more agile with with Mobile App, usage of AWS cognito for user identification etc. and other services of  AWS to meet the demand with auto scalable features in future.