Brevity Software Solutions [Client] is a website design and development and mobile application development company in India & UK. 

Brevity has customers across the world with an expertise in a niche segment especially in Travel/Tourism and logistics industry. Brevity is dedicated towards providing outstanding services and maintaining long-standing relationships.  At Brevity, we offer a wide spectrum of services to suit your every need and requirement. Our range of services includes: -Mobile application development -Web Design and development -Open Source development -E-commerce development -Microsoft application development -Internet Marketing Along with this, we also hold expertise in building: -Travel Portal development -Event Management software -Transport and Logistics software -Enterprise Mobility solutions -Cloud computing -CRM Software development -Booking widgets 

  • Travel Portal development
  • Event Management software
  • Transport and Logistics software
  • Custom CRM development
  • Booking Widgets
  • Education/E-learning


Brevity wanted to deploy the Highly Available Architecture – 3 Tier Architecture, keeping App/Web Server separate and DB server separate. App Server should be able to handle user access requests at Application layer. and DB server separate handling the calls from Web Tier. 

Solution to meet challenges

  • We proposed to use EC2 servers for App/Web Server layers. 
  • Route 53 DNS for routing DNS Queries. 
  • ELB – Application Load Balancers [available target groups]
  • RDS for MS SQL Server
  • We deployed application server on IIS with right set of Microsoft .net Framework. 
  • Security group – for allowing restricted IPs and NACL rules for security setups. 
  • Kept DB server only accessible from EC2
  • Security setup of security group etc. is properly set. 
  • Right setup of backup mechanism for DB servers and App servers. 


  • The performance of AWS infra – ec2, RDS alongwith with ELBs and right routing mechanism, has been really good. 
  • Client like the has really liked the way AWS gives him the agility, flexibility for scaling as when his customer base increases. 
  • The solution is flexible to meet the peek demand of the logistic app developed for the end customer.  
  • Microsoft workloads on AWS infra has been really good at performance. 
  • This current architect can be scaled in future for Multi-AZ deployed with Auto failover possibility.  


  • Moved the client from On-prem servers setup to AWS cloud which is more secure, scalable and flexible for the usage. 
  • It can be offered as SaaS solution in future with the change of the architecture also using other social platform integrations and users pool.