What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2020

By Preet Zaveri – Sr. Application Engineer and SOLIDWORKS technical evangelist.

Welcome to the SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 what’s new blog. As we all know that SOLIDWORKS is the best software for performing 3D modeling in manufacturing industries.

Now we will have a look on What’s new in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020.

With each new SOLIDWORKS major upgrade, SOLIDWORKS mainly focus on these three things,

  • Improved Performance
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Connected Ecosystem

We will have a look on some important improvements in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020

  • DETAILING MODE:  With Detailing mode now you can open very big size and complex drawing files without loading. In this mode you can do minor edits or review design in drawings. You can also add some notes in drawing sheets. You can also organize different drawing views. You can also add balloons and organize them in magnetic line for clean look. And arrange your dimensions for better clarity. Revision table, Symbols and clouds can be also be added.
  • ASSEMBLY MATES:  SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 extends Quick Mates tool, by adding additional commonly used mates.  Quick Matestoolbar now includes the Slot Mate and provides options for choosing its constraint. Now in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020, a new Flip Alignment button pops up allowing you to flip the mate on creation. Limit Mates have also been added to the Quick Mates toolbar. Both the Limit Distance and Limit Angle mates are now available to quickly position components in the assembly. By Quick Mates toolbar, SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 continues to provide users with tools to rapidly assemble components.
  • ASSEMBLY PATTERN:  SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 introduces new enhancements to Assembly Pattern feature. Linear and Circular Component Patterns are now more flexible by allowing you to modify each component instance within the pattern. This includes the ability to change the angle of individual instances within Circular Patterns, or the distance within Linear Patterns. This gives you ultimate flexibility when you have irregular patterns where non-uniform spacing is required. Assembly Patterns are now easier to create, more flexible in their control and more intelligent in their execution in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020.
  • DRAWING DELIGHTER: Changing the sheet scale is easily accessible from the status bar, but in now SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 the list of available drawing scales is customizable. The list is controlled by a text file containing the preferred scales for each standard. In SOLIDWORKS 2019, if you wanted a custom scale that is not on the list, it took several picks access the sheet properties to enter the desired scale. In SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 it gets even easier. Now, you can now enter a custom scale with just 2 clicks. Key-in the scale and hit Enter. SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 introduces a new dimension type, the Chain dimension. Similar to the Baseline dimension, you select the start, and continue to add dimensions between items of interest and SOLIDWORKS chains together a stack of dimensions. SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020, Alternate Position views can be created from part models as well. This is useful when you have one part that is made from another, such as a cast and machined part like this this pump housing.
  • SKETCHING: SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 introduces new sketch enhancements that make getting your ideas inside SOLIDWORKS faster than ever especially when using a touch enabled device. “Sketch Ink” is a great way to create sketch geometry like this slot. Now, in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 you can enter dimensions without needing a physical keyboard. Simply touch inside the number field and use the pop-up window to enter a dimension. SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 introduces “Power Modify” to make rapid edits using gestures rather than picking the individual tools; use a curved stroke to fillet or a straight one to chamfer. Split entities using an ‘x’ gesture, and mend mistakes quickly with Power Modifies “Extend” capability. Trim away excess by starting your stroke with a squiggle. Making mistakes is part of the design process but using the UN-do button too liberally may result in lost work. SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 makes significant improvements to the RE-do function so that, even if you accidentally UN-do out of a sketch, your changes aren’t lost.
  • STRUCTURE SYSTEMWeldment will be defined with just a couple of sketches, an axis, and 4 planes. Primary members can be created in a variety of ways, but now in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 the Point and Length member definition has new options. Members can be now be created between pairs of sketch points or chained together to create a series of members along a chain of points. The new Up to Point option allows you to create members that all converge at a single reference point, and the new Up to Plane option, creates members that terminate at a selected plane. The member extrudes in the direction of the reference plane, or you can choose a sketch segment as a direction to define the members. Primary and secondary members can now be Split during creation. Splitting can be done using dimensions, instance count, or by selecting a reference such as a face, plane or structural member, and for this member we’ll rotate the profile by 90 degrees.
  • SURFACE OFFSETIn SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020, faces that can’t be offset the desired amount are automatically identified and highlighted in the tree. You can view and remove the failing faces to build the remaining geometry, all at once… this streamlined workflow simplifies the process of creating offset surfaces, saving you time creating complex geometry. We can use a surface thicken to create a constant wall thickness part. New in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020, you have the option to thicken the surface equally in both directions. More options to simplify part modelling.
  • TAB CUTTINGSOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 introduces Tab Cutting, a new option to generate this critical toolpath detail versus manually adding these operations in post processing. Users have full control over the size of the tabs and thickness options when cutter depth is a factor. You can specify both the number of tabs and their spacing with individual offset control. Additional options allow for further refinement of the toolpath setup – to ensure the highest quality output and optimal machine performance.
  •  USER INTERFACE:  SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 includes many updates to the user interface. The File Open list is better organized. A new slider clearly shows the open “Modes” to convey the level of detail being opened and available options. Users love to customize their own user interface. In 2020, Command Manager Tabs and Toolbar customizations are better organized in flyouts. Folders, a popular tool to organize your Feature Tree, now supports dragging multiple contiguous items – speeding the process. A new Search Box speeds Material Selection, making it easy to find and select the material you want to use.

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