Operisoft is well aligned with the Manufacturing industries since its inception. At first view, manufacturing is a simple process; the raw materials, components, parts are bought or produced then turned into a finished product, which is then be availed to the end customer. We understand the complete Product Lifecycle and are very well aligned with Industry 4.0 needs:

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Industrial IoT for predictive maintenance

Modernize Your Manufacturing Operations To Liberate Locked Industrial Data With AWS IoT

Build meaningful connections with customers

We have been associated with manufacturing industries since our inception. We help our clients with connected machines, IoT, Smart Factories thereby helping in transforming your manufacturing operations with AWS Cloud.

We apply AWS Cloud IoT Services, edge computing, data lakes, and advanced analytical tools to improve manufacturing operations by capturing, harmonizing, and displaying the data in beautiful dashboards which not only helps our clients in decision making process but also useful in preventive maintenance as well.

Unlock data from machines on your plant floor

The AWS Industrial Machine Connectivity solution provides proven components and frameworks that you can use to simplify machine connectivity. Visualize operational technology data in near real time and perform deeper analytics to optimize operations, improve productivity, and understand asset availability.

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