Offering you a complete range of cyber security solutions starting with Network Security, Application Security, DLP, Disaster Recovery and business continuity.

Cyber Security - for Remote team

In the world of internet, there is a modern way and sophisticated way of cyber attack is now a days prevalent. When you secure your home from intruders, you set up a multi-pronged strategy like door locks, camera surveillance, inhouse electronic security. Working remotely opens up a variety of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to the nature of an ever-changing threat environment through emails, when you visit websites or access other business information in the cloud. We an offer you an enterprise grade of security layer at each level thereby ensuring the peace of mind in your infrastructure and applications. 

Email Security

Email Security solutions secures inbound email against all attacks – malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses and spam. It also detects advanced and persistent threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain and spoofing attacks.

  • Classification of attacks analysis
  • URL filtering
  • DLP and risk management
  • Policy enforcement

Web Security

Our state of the art Web Security layer is your first line of defence against online threats, providing complete visibility into internet activity across all locations (on and off the corporate network), devices and users. That means threats are eliminated before they can reach your network or endpoints.


  • Real time protection
  • Advance malware and ransomware protection
  • Anti phishing 
  • Policy enforcement and control
  • DNS and IP Layer enforcement.

Firewall Security

In ever increasing and complex world of internet online threats are becoming more frequent, businesses of every size need the best in cloud security. We provide best in class Firewall Security which is an enterprise-grade next-generation firewall solution. It inspects all traffic driving to applications, content or network in general, regardless of location or device type. Firewall Security can reduce response times to potential attacks, reveal unknown threats basis upon new signature and streamline security network deployment by blocking malicious threats.

Endpoint Security

The kind of cyber-attacks are being carried out in today’s time is ever increasing and very much sophisticated in nature. It is critical to deploy an endpoint security solution that provides the best protection when you access the internet or cloud apps via PCs, MACs or smart phones. We have partnered with world’s leading security provider to bring the solution that integrates the next generation cloud endpoint security solution to protect all endpoint device types including Windows Systems and Servers be it On prem or on cloud.